We are passionate about good design and believe simple, clear visual communication with a hint of sassiness is key to branding success. When not working on your fabulous project, you can find us drawing, making music and tinkering with a motorbike, however, it’s more likely we are unwinding by playing some rad video games and watching Netflix. Yes, we are typical millennials.

We have been doing this design thing since we could hold a crayon, and since we swapped out our Game Boys for Windows ’95, we have been adapting to the latest design technology like some sort of Adobe ninja chameleon.

Jess graduated in 2010 after a 3 year BA degree course in Graphic design from the University of the Creative Arts (Epsom).

Andrew Wiseman

Andrew Wiseman

Managing Director

JEss Doller

Jess Doller

Graphic Designer


Our team at Kaisu are local graphic designers and web developers from the Surrey area. We enjoy being part of our community, and as such, are always involved in the goings on of our town. We support our local businesses and are always making efforts to spread the love and appreciation.

If you’ve got something going on that you think we might be interested in and might not have heard about yet, give us a shout or even just to say hi!